Getting teenagers ready to leave home.

This is something I have partly failed at in the first two attempts. There are things that are just easier to get organised while your teenager is still at home, then after they have left.  NOTE: we are in Queensland and some of this might not apply to other areas.

  • Bank account. At least one. We set up three, with no money in them until a job was acquired. But the accounts are –
  •  An Everyday Account for receiving wages and spending,
  • A Online Savings account for temporary savings
  • A Long term saving account for savings goals.

The idea is to receive all your income into one account that you transfer a % or portion into the online saver account. Then at the end of each month, if you haven’t had to redraw your online savings, you transfer that into your long term savings.

  1. Tax file number. Can’t get a job without one and schools used to do it for their students, but not anymore. So best to do it with your teenager. This is a good way to help them to learn how to fill out forms too.
  2. Drivers Licence. So much easier for your teenager if they have this before they leave home. Trust me. Even if you can’t afford to buy them a car, if they have their licence, they are independent. And it is more attractive to employers when they are looking for work.
  3. Medicare Card. Your teenager will be taken off your medicare card once they turn 19. It isn’t hard to get them an individual card while they are at home, and here’s another opportunity to fill out ANOTHER form together.
  4. Online banking. This is something I chose to get the teenagers into whilst still at home so I could teach them how to properly use it before they leave. It’s a big advantage for them to be able to track their spending, and their income to make sure they are paid their wages.
  5. MyGov account. This is something that people perceive to only be required for centerlink benefits. But it’s not. You can link your medicare and ATO (Australian Tax Office) accounts to it and it becomes a one-stop-place to have access and notifications from these places. Then if they need to access centerlink, then they already have the MyGov account to start that process, even if it is later in life.
  6. A note book with all their log in and pass words. PRICELESS thing to have no matter who you are or what you do. There just seems to be endless accounts for everything.
  7. An email account that isn’t their account. Once you leave school, you no longer have access to this email account. So it’s important to have even just a basic gmail account. A lot of job applications require you to email your stuff. Set this up at home first.

So hopefully this is helpful. Learn from my mistakes people.

Parenting is a journey, not a destination.

Embrace it. Please, because it is precious.

Every day brings a new challenge and this is my latest.

The Divided Nest.

Having all your kids at home is a challenge. But as they start to leave the nest, a whole new matrix comes into play. Now there are some kids at home and some who have moved out to their own home. This creates new challenges and a whole new way of parenting.

My newest challenge.

My two oldest daughters have left home and live in different towns to us and each other. I thought I had taught them lots of stuff before they left. But boy oh boy was I wrong. Almost every day one of them rings up:

Mum, how do you fill out this form,

Mum, my car won’t start, what do I do,

Mum, how do you defrost a chicken.

Really, have I taught you nothing??  Obviously I haven’t taught you enough. I truly believed that teaching them manners, morals and basic cooking and housekeeping was all I needed to do. WRONG.

So now the 6 remaing children are getting taught heaps of stuff. Whether they like it or not.

Online Banking, Car maintenance, form filling out, how to make doctors appointments etc etc.

So 20+ years of parenting and I’m still learning new things.  But that’s life I guess.

So I have written this in the hopes that it will give somebody the chance to laugh, learn or just feel humble that they are doing a better job than me.