Kids and Vegies

Now I’m no expert, but I’ve learnt that most kids hate at least one kind of vegetable, sometimes multiple vegies.

So if you’re concerned that your little (or big) ones aren’t getting a good balance of vitamins and minerals because they refuse to eat anything aside from potato, then hopefully this can help you out.

I feel like it comes down to two things,

  1. Hide the vegies in something they like            or
  2. Develop a want to try them.

This is nothing new, I know. But if you’re like me, and want a peaceful meal time at least several days a week, then these are the best two methods to use.

Because really, it’s a battle nobody wants, and choosing your battles wisely can make the difference between winning and losing.

The execution will depend on your family and your time.

If you can hide vegies in at least two meals for the week, then you’re already filling your need of providing vitamins and minerals from vegies for nearly half the week.

This can be done by blending or grating vegies into spaghetti sauce, rissoles, meatloaf, and pies. You get where I’m coming from.

Just don’t make my mistake and let them see you do it or your plan is ruined. Totally.

But how do you develop a’ want to try them’ into kids with a deep hate of vegies?

Well, I achieved this by starting a vegie garden.

Kids are sooo keen to try out something they have grown.

This is a slow process and won’t work on all vegetable types, but if you can get them to at least WANT to try a few new vegies, then you’re already winning.

 If a vegie garden is not possible, getting your kids to design fun animals or figures with some colourful vegies that can be eaten raw is another approach.

And vegies aren’t entirely a night time thing. Anytime is good enough.

 Remember that your trying to get your kids to change the way they perceive vegetables.

Because once kids hate a vegie, it’s hard to come back from that. But it’s never too late to try.

Now, each of my kids still have a hated vegie that is mostly different from their siblings and even I hate peas.

So, in order to be able to prepare family meals without making 10 individual meals each night, everyone has to put up with one thing on their plate they don’t like.

So we make it fun by hanging out of the person who has to suffer that night.

And they take it well, knowing that they will get their revenge in due time.

So hopefully you can have most of your meal times in relative peace. Even if vegies are on the menu.

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