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My love / hate relationship with the
humble wood stove.


We have used a wood stove as our only source of heating and cooking for years. It was better than an open fire but not as good as our current electric stove.

So why do I love and hate it?

1. Hate – Chopping wood and collecting wood is a chore. Especially when your first coffee for the day depends on it

2.   Love – Sitting around the stove on a cold night with the kids, chatting about the day. These memories are irreplaceable.

3. Hate. – Baking anything that requires a consistent temperature. Different types of wood burn hotter or colder. Took me ages to get it right.

4. Love – Warming up our socks in the oven.

5. Hate – The black soot marks that seemed to attract to your nice clothes after touching anything on or near the wood stove.

6. Love – A roast just tastes sooooo amazing. Smoky and earthy. I have not been able to replicate this in the electric stove.

7. Hate – Most of the equipment used to cook with had to be cast iron. This was the best way to even out heat. But it’s heavy.

8. Love – The kids have fond memories of our past wood stoves. That makes it all worth while.

So while the wood stove created issues for me, I have come to realise that my memories are different to the kids. And they remember it as something good. Totally worth it.